14th November 2011 - 21st December 2011

A slow drive to Somerset
Monday 14th November 2011
Kingsbury Camping and Caravan Club Site, Kingsbury, 52 34 14 N, 01 42 21 W, (17 Miles).

We were well organised to leave Lichfield this morning, I did the little jobs in the motorhome, i.e. . . . emptied the grey waste, whilst Jenny walked down to Lichfield to return our library books, collect my hearing aid from Specsavers (bad connection) and then finally do a grocery shop at Tesco. Jenny than rang me when she was at the check-out and I drove the short distance from Cathedral Grange to collect her. Next stop was at the storage unit to take a few more items we don’t need for the winter. No don’t laugh….. I have decided to bring my Didgeridoo with us for the winter and I am determined to learn to “play” it during the winter months, if any of you have any tips on the art of playing the “Didge” then please let me know, although I’m not expecting many replies, but a message of support wouldn’t go amiss, If I get good enough I might even do a bit of busking!!! Arriving at Kingsbury we decided not to pitch in our usual spot (vacancy permitting), because we wanted to put up the awning and we wanted to face South(ish) so that we would have the sun (if it shines) in the awning, another criteria we need to think of when we are on other sites. Despite the drizzle we decided to erect the awning, finding it easier this time threading the beading through the channel and we were soon comfortable for our four night stay.

Tuesday 15th November 2011
A relaxed day, I did have a short attempt with the “Didge”, I was hopeless, however “googling” information, I did find that the mouthpiece was to wide (yes, even for my mouth), it needs to be approximately 1¼ in diameter so with the aid of Jenny’s hairdryer I warmed the bees-wax around the rim (as per instructions) and reshaped it to make the aperture smaller, I’ll have another go tomorrow.

Wednesday 16th November 2011
Such a warm and pleasant day I spent some time on the roof of the motorhome with the “Autoglym”, unlike the last time I washed the roof there was no Hockey to watch! Despite using a mop with an extension the very front of the roof is very hard to reach, especially the driver’s side where the solar panel is installed, still at least the majority of the roof has now got a layer of resin wax on it to protect the paintwork from the ravages of the coming winter and I also took the opportunity to clean all the sky lights at the same time. Jenny in the meantime did “her bit” inside with the vacuum, polish and window cleaner and acted as my “labourer” as I asked for things to be passed up to me, she’s not bad a brewing tea either!

Thursday 17th November 2011
We have now an appointment for Jenny’s x-ray which is next Monday, we have therefore changed our plans for next week, we are now staying here until Monday and we are the travelling to the Caravan Club Site at Warwick Racecourse on Monday afternoon, we had previously booked Warwick for arrival tomorrow but we have amended it “online”. Depending on the results of Jenny’s x-ray we will then plan the following 2 weeks before taking the motorhome for the radio to be fitted on December 7th.

Friday 18th November 2011
Funny story! Jenny went to book the extra days this morning and Richie the Site Manager was apologising for the delay in the booking process as the Camping and Caravan Club have “overhauled” the web site and booking system. We have “attempted” twice in the past 3 weeks to book both Oswestry and Kingsbury on the “online” booking system only for the message “no pitches available” and we have had to book direct with the site. Now we know why, the new system asks for size of vehicle and the choice of stating the measurements in feet or metres, I duly chose feet and entered 24 feet in length and 8 feet width (nearest feet), however when the system then “looks” at the pitch sizes it only records metres and does not convert!!! Anybody know a campsite that takes motorhomes 24 metres long and 8 metres wide? This is the club’s statement “The Camping and Caravanning Club would like to apologise to all members who are currently experiencing problems with the new online booking system.” They’re not kidding! Needing bread we had a nice walk this morning across the Water Park to Kingsbury and the local Co-operative store, we also looked for future reference for a bus timetable at the bus shelter, there wasn’t a timetable but 2 ladies (in stereo) told us the buses to Tamworth run at 25 minutes past and 5 minutes to the hour, but “get here 5 minutes earlier as they are always early”, we passed the bus shelter on the way back 15 minutes later……..they were still sitting waiting there! Cannot believe the difference the awning has made to the comfort in the motorhome, our major reason for purchasing one was the room outside in the winter for taking off dirty shoes, wet clothes, etc and of course the extra space, however we have been somewhat surprised at the increase in warmth inside and the extra plus point of not having to keep the door closed when its windy, when we buy the draught skirt for the side of the motorhome it will be even better.

Saturday 19th November 2011
As is custom for us on a Saturday, a lazy day.

Sunday 20th November 2011
A very foggy morning, but a least it's still mild for November. I looked at the BBC weather forecast, (which is now an improved version and much easier for entering favorite locations and faster than the Met' Office site we also use) and it looks as though it will be wet tomorrow, We have therefore decided we will take the awning down today, we waited until after lunch hoping it would dry a little more if the sun came out, but in the end by 2:00pm it was still dull and miserable so we went outside and took it down. I didn't realise that Jenny was "timing" us and we had it completely away in 30 minutes, I know it's not a race but we are very please how easy it is to take down. Our neighbours were impressed too, a couple with a Tag Axle Lunar Roadstar, we gave them the Kampa brochure we still had for the awning, as an this was going to be their next purchase, we should be on commission.

Monday 21st November 2011
Warwick Racecourse Caravan Club Site, 52 16 75 N, 01 35 85 W, (66 Miles).

We were pleased that we took the awning down yesterday as it was raining this morning and although it was not completely dry it would have been a lot wetter to roll up and put away. We left Kingsbury just after 11:00 am and drove to the Co-operative Superstore at Lichfield to buy bread and a newspaper (nice easy parking) before arriving at Michael’s place of work to collect some post and purchase some car shampoo, he was coming to visit us on Wednesday and take us to Jackson’s of Old Arley (a camping store) unfortunately he had a very heavy cold (man flu) and was unable to come. We were rather early for Jenny’s appointment so we parked at Curborough Craft and Garden Centre and had our lunch in the motorhome there and read the newspapers, before driving to the hospital. Cheated with parking, assuming Jenny wouldn’t be too long, I parked in the “drop off” zone near the entrance (Samuel Johnson is a very small, quiet hospital) and waited for her to come back. We were soon on our way to our next destination, Jackson’s of Old Arley and purchased some draught excluder for the bottom of the motorhome and some extra Kampa interlocking mats. It was a good job that Michael didn’t take us on Wednesday I had promised him lunch there at the superb little café, we had forgotten that since we had last been there, they had a major fire and the building has been completely re-built….minus the café! Decided to take no notice of Betty (the SatNav) to get to Warwick, neither wanting to go the fastest or shortest route, as Frank Sinatra said, “I did it my way” and we arrived at exactly 4:00 pm and we pitched in almost the same place as last year within 10 yards of the finishing post. That’s me a winner!
Warwick Caravan Club Site.
Warwick Caravan Club Site.

Tuesday 22nd November 2011
A walk this morning into the town centre, just 10 minutes from the campsite. We had no specific plans so we just wondered around the shops and admired some of the old buildings, leaving the famous castle to explore tomorrow if the weather is fine. Towards lunchtime we found our favourite coffee shop, Café Nero and enjoyed a Latte and of course a Muffin (Blueberry, they had sold out of Triple Chocolate), plus a read of the football results (wish I hadn’t bothered, Villa lost). After leaving Café Nero we attempted to find Sainsbury’s, believing that we knew where it was from our last visit here almost exactly a year ago, however that last time we had walked direct from the campsite along the racecourse perimeter and literally within 6 minutes we were there, not this time. A helpful young lady pointed us in the right direction, we were actually only one street away. Disaster, just after we left the store, laden with milk and fruit, a strap on the rucksack broke. Looks like we will be having a visit to Millets we only purchased it in August, Jenny investigated it when we arrived back, it appears that the strap had not enough material where it had been stitched on to the sack, probably made in China. My attempts at playing the Didgeridoo? Shall I just say, improving!

Wednesday 23rd November 2011
Last night was forecast to be the coldest this year, with a frost this morning, so for the first time I left the warm air heating on standby with the thermostat turned low, it worked during the night the temperature in the lounge had gone down to 11 degrees c, when we woke up this morning, drew the bedroom curtain back (we like the bedroom cold) the heating was on and it was almost 16oc, great, and that was with the heating on a low-heat setting, an adjustment to the thermostat and it will be perfect. Jenny disappeared for a time this morning, deciding to stay in the laundry reading her book, while the washing was swirling around the machine, an appropriate time for me to have a practice on the Didge'. This afternoon we walked to the castle, taking some photographs of the towns West Gate and the impressive timber-framed building of the Lord Leycester Hospital (which strangely enough was never a hospital) on the way, before continuing to Mill Street Gardens, which the numerous pictorial street maps told us afforded good views of the castle and river, if Jenny (oh, ok, it was me) had read the information correctly I would have seen that the gardens are only open between March and October, still the cottages in Mill Street were picturesque and there was even one called Allen’s House! Not to be beaten we walked down to Castle Bridge and took some photographs from there, just had to wait for the rowing sculls to get out of the shot.
Warwick Castle.
Warwick Castle.

We walked back through the town, resisting the temptation to stop at Café Nero and were just back in time to watch a nice sunset, just wondering if I should have waited longer for a sunset over the river and castle, but I am not sure where the sun goes down in relationship to the castle, perhaps tomorrow I will walk back and take some more photographs if the sun is out. Roast Lamb for our dinner to-night, that’s my winter fuel allowance spent!

Thursday 24th November 2011
After a relaxed morning reading the newspapers (the newsagents being only about 500 yards from the camp site) we decided after lunch to walk to the Saltisford Canal an “arm” of the Grand Union Canal and a short distance along the racecourse from the camp site, it would have been a shorter distance if I had read the walking instructions properly, however in my defence we did start from the town centre and not the camp site as I wanted to buy the first edition of a new photography magazine, “N Photo” dedicated to Nikon users. We walked almost to the Grand Union Canal “ proper” before a return to the town, we will save a walk to Hatton Locks for another time and perhaps lunch at one of the canal side pubs. Needing a drink we thought it would be a good idea to visit Oken House Tearooms, this beautiful old building was the home of Thomas Oken in the early sixteenth century, making it around 500 years old. Oken, believed to be the richest man in Warwick at the time, made a fortune dealing in wool and woven fabrics. We heeded the warning when we went in “beware low ceilings and uneven floors” and enjoyed our afternoon tea and cake, I was mystified with the tiny sieve on the tray, then remembered, its been a long time since we had used a tea strainer, yes, real tea leaves, no tea bags in this sixteenth century tearoom.
Okens House, Warwick.
Okens House, Warwick.

Friday 25th November 2011
Moreton in Marsh Caravan Club Site, 51 59 39 N, 01 42 76 W, (26 Miles)

First stop this morning was the Tesco Supermarket just 2 miles from the camp site before we continued to Moreton in Marsh, I have always called it Moreton in the Marsh and Jenny said the same, wrong, no “the”. An easy drive along the A429 “The Fosse Way” old Roman road all the way and we arrived at lunchtime and were soon comfortable on this large 184 pitch site just a 10 minute walk from the town. After erecting the awning we did amble down to the main street to purchase some mushrooms and a TV guide which we forgot this morning, there are plenty of little unique shops to browse around however we will save them for another day as I wanted to get back to watch the 2nd F1 practice from Brazil. Great news, Fish n’ Chip van on the site tonight, Jenny went to fetch them.
Evening Light at Moreton in Marsh Caravan Club Site.
Evening Light at Moreton in Marsh Caravan Club Site.

Saturday 26th November 2011
Thought before practice and qualifying for the Brazilian GP we would walk up to the town and have a look around, its many years since either Jenny or I have been here, good place to walk as we walked up the one side of the main street and returned on the other, there were some very interesting shops and a Saturday Market was on, which was nice (still too early for Christmas Carols me thinks though), we did go into the Cotswold Cheese shop and tried a free sample of Mulled Cider, I liked it Jenny didn’t. Returning to the camp Site we relaxed for the rest of the day watching the television and reading. Forgot, We also went into the local Budgens supermarket this morning, amongst the purchases we made were some Apple Turnovers for our afternoon tea, the apple was “apple jam” and there was just a spoonful in the centre, didn’t taste very nice either, they’re going back on Monday. Jenny made an Apple Cake, that’s another story, oh, ok I’ll tell you now, you may or probably may not know that I am very fussy with apples and will only eat “Pink Lady”, we normally buy them from Tesco, however our latest purchase came from Sainsbury’s, they were horrible, hence they were used in an Apple Cake, delicious, the Mince Pies she also made weren’t bad either!

Sunday 27th November 2012
We were both tired this morning, the very strong winds during the night keeping us awake for a time. It was a bit of a concern as it was the first time we have had the awning erected it those conditions, I got up twice to make sure it was still up, we need not have worried though everything was OK. Thinking about it later with the amount of fixings, plus the storm tie down straps which we bought in Shrewsbury fitted, it would need a near hurricane to shift it. We also had a phone call this morning from New Zealand, it was Judy to tell us that Brian had had to have an operation on his spine. “Kia piki te ora” Brian, looking forward to seeing you both in September 2012. By the middle of the morning the wind had abated the sun was out and we sat in the awning reading until it was time for lunch. Watched the last F1 race of the season from Brazil this afternoon, we will now have to wait until March 2012 until it starts again, well done Jenson runner-up in the World Championship this year. In the meantime we will have to work out how we are going to watch the F1 racing next year, with “Sky” televising a majority of the races. We will need a satellite system plus a Sky Sports subscription to watch it, (shame on you BBC).

Monday 28th November 2011
A lazy day, only walking along Moreton High Street this afternoon to return the Apple Turnovers???? to Budgens for a refund.

Tuesday 29th November 2011
Cirencester Caravan Club Site, 51 42 89 N, 01 59 10 W, (26 miles).

Wish we had taken the awning down yesterday afternoon instead of leaving it until this morning; it would have been a lot easier. However, despite the wind and occasional rain shower we managed quite well and we are learning each time we use it, although we have left it in the shower room to dry off. We were going to get everything ready to leave the campsite and then walk up to the town to visit their famous Tuesday market, but the weather put us off so we decided to drive directly to Cirencester. We were therefore pleased as we approached the town to see an advertisement for a Christmas Market starting today so we will visit that instead. Arriving at 12 noon we soon were on a comfortable pitch in a part of the Grade 1 listed parkland which forms part of the Bathurst Estate, the park itself we will visit while we are here. Strange despite being so close to the town and for the third successive stop we have a camp site with “poor” TV reception and once again we are using both lengths of our co-axial cable to reach the signal booster on the EHU pillar, instead of using our own aerial.
Cirencester Caravan Club Site.
Cirencester Caravan Club Site.

Wednesday 30th November 2011
Mid-morning we walked into the old roman town of Cirencester, once the 2nd largest town in England, a 20 minute stroll along the lane and pathway and we were in the centre of a town that we have passed through, but never visited. Another interesting town not unlike Shrewsbury in Shropshire, with plenty of unique shops and buildings which we like rather more than the “copy cat” precincts in some other towns. One shop we particularly wanted to find supposedly in Dyer Street was a Millett’s Store to return the faulty rucksack, obviously their web site was not up to date we couldn’t find it and the helpful young lady in Black’s told us it had been closed since March, we will have to wait until we get to Weston-super-Mare to exchange it. After lunch at the West Cornwall Pasty shop (again) we continued to browse around the shops and then the Christmas market stalls before returning to the camp site.

Thursday 1st December 2011
A relaxed morning having decided we would leave our shopping in Cirencester until this afternoon. Once again a 20 minute walk to the town and knowing which shops we needed to go to, i.e Tesco, W H Smith and Boots we soon finished and were ready for afternoon tea, we made our way to “Jack’s” a quaint little tearoom in Blackjack Street. The aroma of coffee made us actually decide to order Latte’s and Jenny ordered a slice of Coffee and Walnut cake and I chose Chocolate Cake, when the cake arrived at our table we could not believe it, the slices were enormous and no way would we have been able to eat it all (even me). Jenny therefore did what any self respecting American would do and made “doggie bags” of serviettes and a plastic bag and we enjoyed them later for our “pudding”.

Friday 2nd December 2011
A relaxed day.

Saturday 3rd December 2011
Having heard that the Christmas lights in Cirencester are not to be missed, we decided to go to see them late afternoon and rather than walk along the road as we have done on the two previous occasions we walked through Cirencester Park, which is (like the camp site) part of the Earl of Bathurst’s Estate, The park open between 8:00 am and 5:00pm and becomes a private garden when closed, obviously the trees are not looking their best now but we would imagine the colour in Summer and the Autumn would be stunning. Passing the faux castle (once a barrack’s, now a college), we arrived in the town centre we “window shopped” and visited the Christmas Bazaar in the Corn Hall and then walked as it became dark along the main pedestrian streets looking at the Christmas lights. Our verdict? Mmmm, OK.

Sunday 4th December 2011
Housekeeping (well motorhomekeeping)! We don’t normally watch television on a Sunday evening preferring the radio however two programmes looked interesting tonight, “How to Build a Jumbo Jet Engine” and “ Mark Zuckerburg: “Inside Facebook” we watched both and they were fascinating.

Monday 5th December 2011
Just needing Bread and Milk we walked through the park again this afternoon, a walk about 10 minutes longer than walking along the road, but far more interesting. First priority when we arrived was another visit to Jack’s for a Latte, I decided to have a piece of shortbread, Jenny said she didn’t want anything but would have a small piece of mine, then proceeded to eat over half of it! Murphy’s Law while we were out, we both had incoming phone calls we needed to deal with, Jenny was in the right place, Waterstones book shop sitting in a chair, I had to make do with a shop door-way with a workmen using a pneumatic drill close by, not easy, I rang the young lady at Enterprise (vehicle hire) when we arrived back at the camp site, much easier. Tomorrow we continue to West Country Motorhomes for a new radio and aerial to be fitted and we will stop at Rhiain’s tomorrow night, we are so looking forward to seeing our granddaughter Kura.

Tuesday 6th December 2011
West Country Motor Homes then Rhiain’s House, 51 20 45 N, 02 55 49 W, (73miles plus 11 Miles).

A quiet drive from Cirencester this morning and not needing to be at West Country Motor homes before 4:00pm we didn’t leave the camp site until just after 12:00pm and decided to stop at the shopping complex at Cribbs Causeway near Bristol on the way. We managed to find easy parking away from the main car park near PC World and had lunch in the motorhome before finding our way (with Rhiain’s help on the phone) over to Toy’s R’ Us, we didn’t bother taking our anoraks and Murphy’s Law yet again, we got caught in a heavy shower on the way back, luckily PC World was nearer than the motorhome so we “dived” in there whilst it poured down outside, just as well, we remembered we needed some replacement printer inks. Our timing was spot on and we reached WCM at Lower Weare at 4:02 pm and booked the motorhome in for the jobs to be done (under warranty), new radio (more about that later), new aerial and we had a couple of side marker lamps out. Then after picking up their courtesy car we made our way to Rhiain’s house where we will stay for the night

Wednesday 7th December 2011
A wonderful morning with our little granddaughter Kura before we went to Weston specifically to return/exchange the rucksack that broke when we were in Worcester. The lady in Millets was reluctant in the beginning to replace the rucksack because we hadn’t got the receipt (we bought it in Derby in June), however she then agreed to replace it.Then it got interesting! The manager still needed to put the details through the till, however at present the store is giving a 40% reduction and the “till” wouldn’t accept the transaction, in the end the only way she could complete it was to issue us with a £10 Gift Card, Great, we decided to purchase a fleece jumper which also retailed at £24.99 and with the 40% sale reduction it reduced it to £14.99, then we used the gift voucher, Result? A fleece for £4.99! West Country Motorhomes rang while we were out to say our motorhome was ready for collection, Sandra agreed that we could collect it first thing in the morning instead of today another good result, it means that we can take our time tomorrow arriving at a camping site.

Thursday 8th December 2011
West End Caravan Park, Locking, near Weston –super-Mare 51 20 08 N, 02 55 71 W (11 Miles)

Yes I know we said we would never visit this camp site again (see 7th October) but it is so convenient for Rhiain’s home in the winter when our usual camp site at Moorland Farm is closed, In fact this time the owner was quite polite and we were also given the choice of pitches. We arrived at Lower Weare to collect the motorhome at 9:00am, hopefully the radio reception with a new Sony radio and a modified aerial will enable us to receive traffic bulletins as we travel. Actually we are very pleased with both WCM and Swift on the outcome of the radio concern as Swift allowed us £95 to purchase a radio of our choice and WCM gave us the full cost of £99.53 and as our son Michael got us the £150+ radio at the cost price we are happy. After settling in at West End Farm we just had a short 10 minute walk to Rhiain’s and spent the rest of the day with her and Kura.

Friday 9th December 2011
Spent the day and evening with Rhiain, Ian and Kura.

Saturday 10th December 2011
Minehead Caravan Club Site, Minehead, 51 11 89 N, 03 28 45 W, (47 Miles

Rhiain “popped” around this morning to bring the remains of last night’s Indian “take a way” meal for our lunch today (which Jenny forgot), I also gave her a demonstration of my musical prowess with the Didgeridoo, which she was surprisingly impressed with! We drove to Minehead stopping at the Tesco Supermarket on the outskirts to get enough groceries for the next few days and filled up with diesel before continuing to the camp site. Having been here before in March we (as we usual do) had already decided on pitches that we prefer and as No 2 was free which is a level site not far from the amenities we didn’t bother looking further and within a very short time we were having our Chicken Curry lunch, then spent the rest of the day relaxing, deciding not to put the awning up as there are storms and heavy winds promised in the next few days.

Sunday 11th December 2011
A lazy day!

Monday 12th December 2011
After a morning waiting for the rain to subside we eventually walked to Minehead town and “window shopped” along “The Avenue” to the sea front and Esplanade, stopping at the old station on the way to see if there was anything interesting (there wasn’t). Returning along the main street we stopped at Oggy Oggy a Cornish Pasty shop where we enjoyed a Medium Pasty and a cup of tea before returning to the campsite.

Tuesday 13th December 2011-Wednesday14th December 2011
Two days when the weather has been probably the worst we have had for a long time, wind, rain, hail, thunder and lighting, luckily we seem to have missed out on the snow which some areas of the country have had. We have therefore stayed warm and cozy in the motorhome, Jenny as been reading and knitting, whilst I have read and listened to music and practiced on the Didge’, perhaps tomorrow's weather will be better!

Thursday 15th December 2011
Same as yesterday and the day before, wet and windy

Friday 16th December 2011
With a slight improvement in the weather (at least no strong winds) we decided this morning we would move to another pitch for the rest of our stay. Two reasons, we decided on the previous pitch because the sun would be shining on it a bit more, however because the sun is so low in the sky it’s only a benefit for a very short time during the day, we also want to erect the awning and we want to “walk in” to the awning from the rear and therefore we want to drive into a pitch instead of reversing in, moving a bit further up the campsite facing the cliff gives us this option.
Minehead Caravan Club Site.
Minehead Caravan Club Site.

We are also facing the area where we saw Red Deer earlier in the year so hopefully we may be lucky again. It obviously didn’t take us long to move pitches and put the awning up, just as well it’s started to rain again. Lunchtime it had stopped and we walked to the Tesco Supermarket near the seafront for a few bits of grocery. Luckily we had a map given to us by the site manager so we were able to take a much shorter route than the one by road, shortcutting along a public footpath and arriving almost “at the doorstep” of Tesco within a very short time and we were back at the motorhome even quicker . . . it started to hail on us! Very nice Fish and Chips tonight from “Shepherd’s Plaice” a “chippy” just a 7 minute walk from the camp site. If you look very closely you can see the heads of two deer in the photograph above the motorhome.

Saturday 17th December 2011
A walk into Minehead once again this morning to go to Argus, we had ordered “online” an upright clothes dryer and a fan heater, careful measuring and then shorting one leg of the dryer and with the bathroom warm air duct blowing directly into it we have a perfect “drying area” in the shower compartment for damp towels etc, why didn’t we think of that before? The fan heater is for use in the awning as we have now worked out how to get an extension lead to the outside without having to leave the habitation door open, we can now sit in the awning in comfort on colder days (or nights). Missed a great photo opportunity lunch time when 5 Red Deer came down from the hills above us and grazed on the camp site, I assumed (wrongly) that they would clamber back up the steep bank not realizing that there was a narrow path in the top corner of the camp site which (of course) they went down, I only managed a couple of shots before they disappeared. We had a great afternoon and early evening when Rhiain, Ian and Kura came to visit us from Weston-super-Mare, Jenny made some Mince pies and a wonderful Crab Chowder complete with her freshly baked bread, just what we needed on such a cold day, good news……there is still some left for tomorrow!

Sunday 18th December 2011
One of the other tasks we needed to do to make the awning comfortable was to fit the draught skirt along the side of the motorhome, which we purchased a few weeks ago from Jackson’s of Old Arley. We had discussed the different options of fitting it as we didn’t want to drill the outside skin and the site manager at Kingsbury Water Park gave us the idea of using Velcro. We obtained some of the “heavy duty” self –adhesive type and finding the ideal places underneath to fix 2 inch strips I cleaned the areas and stuck them on, then measuring the draught skirt and with Jenny cutting the material in necessary places we successfully finished it and with just a couple of minor modifications to make next time we erect it we should have a nice cozy draught free outside sitting area.

Monday 19th December 2011
Despite it raining this morning we did need to go to Minehead so suitable clad in our wet weather gear we walked to the town centre to purchase some food and go to the bank. We didn’t stay long and by lunchtime we were back at the campsite. The weather for tomorrow looks like it may be improving so we will probably get the awning down, hopefully while it’s dry. We spent the rest of the day reading and relaxing.

Tuesday 20th December 2011
The BBC weather forecast was correct and it started off dry this morning so we decided to take the awning down before the promised rain this afternoon, It was also an ideal day to do the washing so whilst I tidied up around the motorhome (and practiced on the didge’) Jenny went and used the laundry. Lucky with the Red Deer today, they were on the side of the bank near the motorhome, I haven’t checked the results yet but hopefully this time I have managed to get some decent photos despite the poor lighting. Tomorrow we will return to West End Caravan Park at Locking to see Rhiain and family before driving to Great Malvern to spend Christmas.

Wednesday 21st December 2011
West End Caravan Park, near Weston–super-Mare, 51 20 08 N, 02 55 71 W, (47 Miles).

We left the Minehead Caravan club Site at about 10:00am and our first stop was just a couple of mile up the road at the Tesco Supermarket for a “big shop” for Christmas, buying everything we required except perishables, fruit, veg’, etc, which we will save until we arrive at Malvern and shop at the Tesco in Worcester. By lunchtime we were at West End Farm for an overnight stop to see Rhiain, Ian and Kura before Christmas. Another short confrontation when we arrived, the man left “in charge” because both the owner and warden were on holiday wanted to charge us £17.50 for the night not having been told that us “wrinkles” get age or Caravan and Camping Club concessions, we soon put him right and he then made a telephone call to the owner to confirm it! When Jenny called later to collect the change he either by design, or accident (she didn’t ask) charged us £10. After storing all our Tesco purchase’s we walked to Rhiain’s home and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening there.