3rd April 2012 - 15th May 2012

Shropshire and the Midlands
Note: Only a couple of photographs in this section.

Tuesday 3rd April 2012
Ryton Farm Certificated Location, Condover, Near Shrewsbury, 52 38 01 N, 02 44 75 w, (58 Miles).

A Very Happy birthday to our Daughter Rhiain XX
An early appointment in Lichfield this morning so we didn’t bother with breakfast and when “The Damn fine Café” opened at 9:00am we were the first through the door. As promised (we saw the owner with his wife in Asda yesterday) he did do the “finest breakfast in Lichfield” and coming out of the café “stuffed” who were we to argue? Leaving Lichfield we drove straight to the Enterprise office’s at Sutton Coldfield to return the hire car and were then dropped back at the camp site. Having organized ourselves yesterday we were soon on our way towards Shrewsbury and were at our favorite camp site just after lunch and were able to pitch on our chosen No 6. We then had a pleasant walk down the lane to the farm to pay and obtain the key to the electric hook-up and had a nice chat to John who owns the farm and his lovely wife. Returning to the camp site we had lunch before erecting the awning, managing to dodge the heavy rain showers by “working” from the inside when it was practical. Only one other motorhome here at present and John’s wife whispered, “He is a man who is “visiting” a widow in the village”! What a difference to the Kingsbury Caravan and Camping Club site which has got very busy at the start at the Easter holidays, it is so quiet here and we haven’t got the continuous noise of the motorway traffic, all we can here are the birds.

Wednesday 4th April 2012
Oh dear!!!! We woke up just after 7:00am to what we thought was the zip of the awning being drawn down and then very shortly afterwards it being zipped back up. We both “shot” out of bed and I immediately opened the habitation door blind and looked out. The awning was in a state of collapse, WHY? Because 2” of snow had fallen overnight and the noise we had heard was the snow slipping off the awning roof as two of the front steel poles had bent. Dressing quickly, we got out of the motorhome through the passenger door and whilst Jenny removed the snow from the awning sides, I brushed and continued to brush, (it was still snowing heavily) the settling snow on the now very steeply sloping and sagging roof (it being 2 foot lower than “the manufactures intended height”). Well the manufactures (Kampa) are absolutely right, “don’t use in snow”, but the weather forecast was for snow further North and on high ground, we didn’t expect it here and certainly not this much. Do you think I should send the Metrological Office the bill for £70 for two new front poles which we have ordered from Salop Leisure today? I have managed to straighten them a bit, however the awning is still looking rather saggy and in there weakened state we hope the wind will be light for the next few days until the new ones arrive. A late shower and breakfast was obvious this morning, although I did have a walk around the pools beforehand to take some photographs of the snowy scenery before it started melting. Well I won’t be fishing today!
Ryton Farm in the Snow.
Ryton Farm in the Snow.
Ryton Farm in the Snow.
Ryton Farm in the Snow.

Thursday 5th April 2012
Well after yesterday’s “fun” we had a really relaxed day today, unfortunately the weather was such that we stayed inside rather than sit in the awning (we decided to leave the fan heater at the storage unit, wrong decision), however the snow has almost melted now, although there is plenty on the nearby hills at Long Mynd and Wenlock Edge (where it should all have been yesterday).

Friday 6th April 2012
Thanks Jen! It looks like she has given me her cough & cold she has had for the last week, (she blames our grandson Charlie), just hope that I don’t have it as bad as in January. We did buy most of our food in Tamworth for our time here, but we didn’t bother with, extra boxes of tissues, Cough medicine, throat pastilles etc., so we decided this morning to catch the bus into Shrewsbury and go to Boots as well as getting a few items from the other stores. Always a pleasure to go to Shrewsbury, certainly one, if not the, best towns in the UK we have visited and a plus point was the Farmers Market was open and there were plenty of free sampling’s of bread, wine, cheese and pies to be had, although we settled for a Latte and Muffin at Starbucks (we originally went to Café Nero, NO muffins), before walking to the bus station to get the bus back to Ryton Fields, which is just a fifteen minute walk from our camp site.

Saturday 7th April 2012
Not feeling great, so a lazy day! Salop Leisure Ltd rang to say our new awning poles are in stock, we just need to arrange now how to collect them.

Sunday 8th April 2012
Ditto, yesterday. Plenty of coughing and spluttering though!

Monday 9th April 2012
A typical bank holiday day, cold and wet! Other than having a short walk around the pools we stayed in the comfort of the motorhome.

Tuesday 10th April 2012.
Having already got a bus timetable from the Tourist Office last week we worked out the best way to get to Salop Leisure at Emstrey Bank which is on the main road (non-motorway) to Telford, we timed it to perfection! The 11:06 bus from Ryton fields to Shrewsbury bus station and then the 11:50 No 81 bus to Telford and the bus driver kindly stopped right opposite the entrance to Salop Leisure. We were only in there a short time to collect our new awning poles and after a browse around the store we stood outside the entrance and “flagged” the Shrewsbury bus down which we had estimated would pass by at 12:25, our timings were spot on and we were in our favorite fish & chip shop “The Town Fryer” enjoying a large Haddock and Chips just after 1:00pm. After a walk to Marks & Spencer for some bread and milk we made our way back once more to the bus station and caught the 3:10 pm bus back to Ryton and walked back to the campsite. Today we have also been in conversation with Sandra at West Country Motorhomes, she had phoned us 2 weeks ago to say our motorhome was booked into Swifts for rectification on the week commencing 7th May but we had not sent any confirmation to them. Not surprisingly! They had sent the letter to completely the wrong address, after further phone calls from Sandra; she told us that Swifts would email the necessary information, which they duly did, shock and horror!!!! They require the motorhome for up to eight weeks, looks like we have some planning to do.

Wednesday 11th April 2012.
Surprisingly enough all we have done today is organise the motorhome to go to Swifts, we will keep you posted on developments.

Thursday 12th April 2012
Another morning in which we have been organizing ourselves for what is now a new date of 9th May to drive to Swifts near Hull. It’s great that Jenny is such a good organiser; she has got lists done already of what we need to do. Swifts require the motorhome to be empty of personal possession’s so we will leave a lot of our equipment in the storage unit at Tamworth, collect our camping equipment from Michaels, Tent, sleeping bags, air beds, etc. etc. and “go bush” for a while! We have also organized a hire car for the duration, at the moment because we will be in Yorkshire we are “thinking” of taking the opportunity to visit the Yorkshire Moors, Yorkshire Dales and Northumberland for at least the first 4-5 weeks. For the first time this year I fished this afternoon, very successful with 5 large Carp caught before I got “peckish” at 5:00pm.

Friday 13th April 2012
A relaxed morning before once again fishing this afternoon again catching plenty of nice sized fish, the largest one being a Carp of just a smidgeon” under 10lbs. Disaster when I returned to the motorhome home though, I very carelessly trod on my fishing rod and broke about six inches off the tip. I was very upset and annoyed with myself, I have had the rod since the 1980’s and it was expensive at the time at about £189, still it is Friday 13th!

Saturday 14th April 2012
Up at 6:00am this morning to watch the qualifying of the Chinese Grand Prix whilst eating bacon sandwich on Jen’s home-made bread, well I deserve spoiling (sometimes)! Late morning we decided to walk to the small village store at Dorrington which is about 2 ½ miles away to purchase a few items, it’s a lovely walk through the narrow lanes which are now looking very picturesque as the spring flowers start to bloom. We then spent the rest of the day relaxing, reading and listening to music, although I do admit to “dozing off” just before the football results came on the TV, well I was up early.

Sunday 15th April 2012
Up and showered before 7:00am this morning to watch the F1 Grand Prix from China, very exciting and great to watch, especially as it was shown live on this occasion by the BBC. I had intended to fish today, but the wind is very cold from the North so I just contented myself with attempting a repair on my fishing rod, successfully (I think) although it’s now 6” shorter. Jenny and I did have a stroll around all 4 pools before returning to the warmth of the motorhome, looks like the summers gone!

Monday 16th April 2012
Despite a frost this morning I decided to fish today and hope that the repair to my fishing rod has worked………….it has, and several fish up to 10lb were caught until I stopped fishing at 5:00pm (time for tea and I was getting cold).

Tuesday 17th April 2012
A walk up to the farm this morning to book another week at the camp site, With all the changes to our plans for the next couple of months we are staying here a further week before moving to the Camping and Caravan Club site at Cannock Chase, a site we surprisingly have never been too. We have cancelled our booking at the Caravan Club site at Buxton because we shall need to put some of our belongings in the storage unit at Tamworth; we are therefore going to stay at Kingsbury for the following week before going to Hull. Perhaps shortly we can tell you our plans for the next month or so.

Wednesday 18th April 2012
Caught the 11:06 am No 435 bus to Shrewsbury this morning our final destination being Telford. We didn’t have to wait long at the bus station (in fact only time to buy a newspaper) before the No 81 bus to Telford (via Wellington) arrived and we were in Telford Shopping Centre at about 12:30pm, just in time for a quick browse before finding a place to eat lunch. “Aroma” a café. Bar in the main shopping area was what we found and very nice it was too, I enjoyed Chilli with Nacho’s with Cheese and Sour Cream and Jenny Potato Skins with Cheese, Bacon and Salad, we also did “a swop” and tried each other’s, (I’m sure Jenny had more of mine)! After lunch we continued to “window shop” although we did purchase a new waterproof jacket for me, two photography magazines and a few items of grocery. We judged our return journey perfectly, the bus we caught was the X5 a “limited stop” express service (via the M54 motorway) back to Shrewsbury and by getting off the bus before the bus station and walking up a side street we only waited 5 minutes for our return bus to Ryton, if we had waited for the X5 to reach the bus station we would have missed our connection, good planning, or what? After our very filling lunch at least Jenny didn’t need to cook a full meal tonight, a Beef-burger on a bun filled the gap!

Thursday 19th April 2012
Another morning which we spent re-organising our camp sites etc. for the next month, we had booked Weston-super-Mare some time ago to coincide with our Granddaughters birthday, however we have now changed our booking from our motorhome to a tent. We have now also booked a cottage, with the help of our Avios Points (was Air Miles) in the Yorkshire Dales for 14 nights which will be a nice break, especially as the holiday complex has a swimming pool and Sauna, I knew eventually shopping at Tesco would have its advantages! I had intended fishing today but one minute the sun is shining and the next it’s pouring down of rain, perhaps tomorrow, well at least I’m getting my photographs sorted and this evening the wind had dropped and I got a decent photo of reflections in “Doug’s Pool”.

Friday 20th April 2012
Another very wet morning and the wind had become strong again, I did walk down to the pool I wanted to fish this afternoon but there were waves breaking on the bank, Fishing postponed again today, maybe tomorrow.

Saturday 21st April 2012
Didn’t expect a frost last night, white over when we awoke this morning, but a least it’s dry, didn’t bother showering first thing because we decided we both needed a haircut. I went first, my reasoning being if Jenny cut one of my ears off, I would do the same, no problems though, at least nothing that an Elastoplast wouldn’t cover. After a shower and then breakfast we thought it would be a good idea if we took the awning down as the weather forecast for most of the day is heavy showers and at present the awning is completely dry. What a great idea! We had just put everything away when we had the first shower of the day, albeit it didn’t last long, however it was enough that the awning would have been wet. Despite the worsening weather forecast for today, I decided to fish and I was doing very well until I was landing a fish and as I drew it to the bank there was a loud “snap” my fibre glass landing net handle had snapped, well it was a “cheap” handle and it was 10lb Common Carp! The bad weather eventually arrived, the wind changed direction and was blowing straight in to my face, it rained, hailed and despite sheltering underneath my umbrella with it pulled almost to the floor, I was still getting cold and very wet. . . . I therefore beat a hasty retreat back to the warmth of the motorhome and my wonderful wife who made me a steaming cup of hot chocolate.

Sunday 22nd April 2012
A relaxed morning, reading and editing photographs whilst Jenny did some knitting. Important (to me anyway) not to have a radio/TV news programme after lunch in case some dimwit of an announcer told me the result of the Bahrain GP, which is being shown on the BBC at 5:00 pm. As the predicted heavy showers and wind didn’t materealise I decided at 11:00 am to fish (without taking my customary portable radio) and then fished (successfully) until 4:00 pm, when the sun disappeared and dark forbidding rain clouds rolled in. Not wanting a repeat of yesterday when I got thoroughly cold and wet, I enlisted Jenny’s help (by way of the “walkie talkie”) to come and carry some of my tackle back to the motorhome before the inevitable shower arrived. Spent the early evening watching the edited highlights of the F1 race and afterwards reading and listening to music.

Monday 23rd April 2012
Our plans changed today, we were “promised” by the weather forecaster’s heavy showers and wind, so we consigned ourselves to a day in the motorhome, however they were wrong and at 11:00am with the sun shining and little wind I decided to have a last day of fishing. Another successful day with Common Carp up to 10lb 8ozs and I in the afternoon I also had a nice chat with John the farmer and owner of the fishery. Stopped fishing at 5:30 pm at 6:00 pm we had hailstones at least a ¼ inch in size and then heavy rain and thunder, timing (again) or what?

Tuesday 24th April 2012
Cannock Chase Camping & Caravan Club Site, near Rugeley, 52 43 67 N, 01 56 62 W, (53 Miles).

Not intended but we were up early this morning, I thought it was 7:35 am and opened the blinds and put the kettle on . . . it was 6:35am, I’ll have to learn to tell the time! Still, it did mean that we were organised to leave earlier, in fact before 10:30am we had walked down to the farm to return the EHU padlock key, paid for my six days fishing, chatted to John’s wife and returned to the motorhome. First stop this morning was the Tesco Supermarket in Shrewsbury, visiting the petrol station to top up with diesel, the first time we have filled since the 3rd February, although we have only covered 290 miles from Somerset through the Midlands to Shropshire in that period. We also called in at a Hylton a car dealership near Tesco, hoping to see one of my old friends Jason from Hamer Ford; unfortunately he has moved to their Worcester dealership, we will have to try to visit him there. Arriving at the Cannock Chase campsite, chaos, yet again the Camping and Caravan club booking system was “on a go slow” they changed their system last year and it’s fair to say both from a customer’s point of view (us) and the site managers view it’s been rubbish, so un-user friendly, what do they say about, if it isn’t broke? The previous version in my opinion was so much better from being able to find a camp site, checking availability and booking and for the site managers, all our information was held, now they have to re-enter it on each visit. We also didn’t realise that there is no mobile phone signal (Orange or O2) either and at present we can’t get on the site Wi-Fi and even the TV signal is weak. At least Jenny could catch up on some washing the laundry works! Nice to see our Son Michael, his partner Sharon and our Grandson Charlie who drove over to see us tonight, pity they all liked Jen’s rich Chocolate cake, I wasn’t able to hide it in time.
Wednesday 25th April 2012
When we chose our pitch yesterday we did notice that there was a smallholding the other side of the fence from us with free range chickens roaming about, what we didn’t realise was there was a cockerel and pea-cock/hens also in the enclosure, you can guess the rest at dawn this morning! What a dreadful day, it hasn’t stopped raining since breakfast, but at least with the noise of the rain on the motorhome roof we can’t hear those blasted chucks. Me-thinks I might be having fresh poultry for dinner, anybody know what a pea-cock tastes like? And what we should stuff it with? Don & Jan came to see us tea-time, friends we met firstly at Bewdley and subsequently during the Christmas holidays and since, great to see them and had have a good chat, they have kindly invited us for tea tomorrow.

Thursday 26th April 2012
Yet another very wet day, we certainly seem as though we are paying for our “summer” in March. One of the reasons we wanted to come here was to attempt some decent photos of the Red Deer, however since arriving we have hardly stepped out of the motorhome door. At this point it may be a good idea to apologise for the lack of a Web Site update, I knew that we would be unable to update whilst at Ryton Farm in Shropshire, however we did think that we would be able to here. I asked the manager if we could receive an internet signal on all the pitches to which he replied “on 99% of the pitches” trust me, I picked one of the other 1%! I thought I would sit on one of the numerous benches near the antenna on the reception building, but the weather has hardly being conducive to sitting out and I certainly would have had a wet bum, suppose I could put up my fishing umbrella and sit on a newspaper. The “Morris Minor” Family, Michael, Sharon and Charlie, came over at lunchtime (good job I had finished off the Chocolate cake), Michael bought over our tent, sleeping bags and various other pieces of camping equipment we shall need soon. We spent a lovely evening with Don and Jan who live about 3 mile from the camp site, thanks to them both, Don’s meal was perfect and the Malt Whisky wasn’t bad either!

Friday 27th April 2012
Another very wet day (I’m sure I’ve said that several times before this month). We have therefore had an “enforced” relaxed day, Jenny has read and knitted, I have concentrated on editing some photographs in “Adobe Elements” mostly naming some Australian birds with the aid of “the Australian bird bible” Simpson & Days “Field Guide to the Birds of Australia”, still have at least six that I can’t identify, I may send copy photos to a bird expert in Northern Queensland who’s Daintree River tour we went on in 2005, I’m sure he will help.

Saturday 28th April 2012
Thought the water pump had broken this morning as it kept running on after Jenny had used the loo, wrong we had run out of water, we are purposely keeping the fresh water tank low at present, although we don’t normally fill it to full anyway (low weight of water=less fuel consumption), but we didn’t realise we had emptied it, still 4 short walks to the fresh water tap and we were topped up with 40 litres, which should see us through until next weekend. We both went up to reception this morning to donate some paperback books for the “flower fund” as we have accumulated more than we normally keep, It was nice to see Sheila in the office a site manager we had met before at Kingsbury so we had a long chat with her. Meanwhile, her husband was on the telephone to “Wicom” the site internet provider, as he couldn’t get a connection on his laptop, no wonder I can’t, he was sitting underneath the antenna, we are sited about 250 metres from it! Hopefully the engineers can sort out the problem. Great to see Michael this morning, he just “popped in” for five minute as he was passing on a delivery to a customer nearby.

Sunday 29th April 2012
Another very wet day (I’m sure I’ve said that several times before this month), oh yes, Friday), well at least it’s keeping the chucks quiet, even the cockerel didn’t want to get out of bed at dawn and screech “cocka doodle doo”. Couldn’t even get BBC1 last night to watch the football, the only time we switched the TV on and all I got was a pixelated screen, the camp manager says it’s because we’re in a dip or did she mean a depression? Well it’s 4:30pm and its STILL raining, other than run to the shower and get some fresh water we haven’t set foot outside the motorhome and have resorted to playing a couple of games on the computer, why is it I show Jenny how they are played then she proceeds to get the highest scores?

Monday 30th April 2012
Michael arrived at 8:00am to pick us up on his way to work to take us to Lichfield, we were originally going to walk the 1.8 miles to the A51 to catch the bus, but we were worried that we may get wet if it rained (it was actually dry) or get splashed by vehicles, as there is no pavement for at least a mile. We were very early for Jenny’s 11:25am appointment, but by the time we had a “Full English” at the “Causeway café (our favorite one “The Damn Fine Café is closed on Monday’s), went to Boots, the bank, Jessops to order a ND4 (neutral density) filter, hopefully to get some “slowmo” waterfall photographs when we go to Yorkshire and then waited in a long queue at the Post Office at W H Smith, it was almost time for the appointment anyway. I had taken the laptop with me to update the website, as you can see I never managed to do it, for some reason I could not get a connection, as I waited for Jenny in Costa Coffee upstairs in the Tesco Supermarket. We caught the 12:35 pm bus back to Brereton, we weren’t sure where to alight the bus and in fact we went two further stops than we needed too. What we didn’t realise was the now two mile walk back to the campsite was 97% uphill and some of it at a 10% incline, in the warm sunshine (yes, really) and carrying a heavy laptop bag , shopping and un-wanted raincoats, by the time we arrived back at the campsite we were so tired (I have another word for it). After lunch I decided to take both cameras with me and take a walk across the Chase to see if I could photograph some wildlife, notably Red Deer, despite walking stealthily through the woods off the main tracks and spotting Deer tracks and spoor, all I saw was one Muntjac, (which ran off at 50mph), three Squirrels and a Jay. I must admit that after diverting several times because of water-logged ground and un-penetrable vegetation I lost my bearings, however, I kept the sun to my left, knowing that at some time I must arrive at the main road, I amazed myself. . . . the intrepid explorer, (me) arrived back at the road less than 100 metres from the campsite.

West Midlands
Tuesday 1st May 2012
Kingsbury Water Park Camping and Caravan Site, 52 34 10 W, 01 42 21 N, (22 Miles).

No need to rush off this morning as we are only driving a short distance, so we timed our departure to arrive at Kingsbury just before 12:00pm. The new hard standing pitches have now all been completed so we were able to use one that we particularly like which is flat and close (but not to close) to the amenities and within a very short space of time we had the kettle on for a “cuppa” We didn’t have time for lunch as Craig from “Enterprise” rang to say he was on his way to take us to Sutton Coldfield to collect the hire car. I will back track somewhat now. When we went to Telford 3 weeks ago we went into “Wilkinson’s” to make a purchase and when I entered the security alarm went off and again when we came out, likewise on Monday again we went into “Wilkinson’s” in Lichfield and exactly the same thing happened. We also went in to Superdrug and as we went in the security alarm went off, an assistant came over and offered to de-activate whatever was in Jenny’s “Boots” bag she was carrying (we had just left their), however when she tried it no alarm went off. I decided to walk through the screen and . . . . yes, sure enough the alarm went off, we were at a loss to understand what was triggering the alarm and concluded it was my hearing aids. To-day I wore for the first time my new Waterproof Jacket that we purchased in Telford and “low and behold” attached to the pocket was the security tag which the young lady in “Trespass” had not taken off, (not surprisingly as Jenny and I were doing our “comedy routine” in the shop), Monday the jacket was not required although we took it with us in the rucksack, hence the alarms going off! “Go Outdoors” was our first stop this afternoon to purchase an electric cable with a fitted RCD, pleased now I (or rather Linda, my Sister-in-Law) didn’t increase the bid for a second-hand one on eBay to £40.00, we got a new one for £39.99, reduced from £100.00! We also bought a new lantern as we want one for inside the motorhome awning anyway. I had promised Jenny a “slap up meal” however there was a “Burger King” opposite Go Outdoors and I fancied their Lamb “thingy” that was advertised on the TV, unfortunately the promotion had finished yesterday, however their new promotion “The Angus XL” was very tasty and the “Millionaires Shortbread and Ice-cream wasn’t bad either!

Wednesday 2nd May 2012
Put the tent up this morning to check it was OK, although we didn’t fully erect it, we just needed to know how many of our “rubber floor tiles” we needed and the quantity of steel pegs required (we believe the Yorkshire ground is hard). Then it was a drive over to the storage unit, with a full car, to take some of the things we won’t need in the next 8 weeks (or less, we hope) and also we collected a few items we think we may need (our warmer waterproof jackets).

Thursday 3rd May 2012
The good news, Michael collected my Cokin neutral density filter from Jessops in Lichfield this morning, the bad news, they have sent a graduated one, definitely not what I wanted, I will be going in for a refund tomorrow. Another trip to the storage this morning, its filling up and we haven’t finished yet!

Friday 4th May 2012
A quiet morning, once again getting organised for next week, or at least Jenny was organising, I was just following instructions and getting in the way! Then it was over once again to the storage unit before driving over to Lichfield to do some shopping and return the ND filter to Jessops, I will have a problem now getting one before going to Yorkshire. We also wanted a birthday present for our Grand Daughter which “Toys r’ Us” didn’t have yesterday, but having checked on the internet, surprisingly “Go Outdoors” did, so we drove to Erdington to make a purchase. We came out of “Go Outdoors” past “Burger King, I opened my mouth, Jenny say’s NO! Oh well, I did enjoy a bacon sandwich when we arrived back at the motorhome and Jen’s home-made Chocolate Cake was delicious.

Saturday 5th May 2012
A drive over to Great Barr for the wedding of our Nephew Ian at the Holiday Inn Hotel. A lovely service and a delicious meal afterwards in good company. We had intended to stop for the evening disco, however since yesterday I have been having pains in my lower back and legs, so we didn’t think dancing the “twist” would be a good idea we left early evening.

Sunday 6th May 2012
A great surprise today when Rhiain, Ian and Kura arrived to see us at lunchtime, Rhiain rang this morning and asked whether we would be at the campsite, Jenny wasn’t there at the time, so I didn’t tell her, so when they did arrive it was an even bigger surprise. We have run our food down ready for next week, but we soon “fashioned” a lunch for them. We then had a pleasant walk down to the “Animal Farm” in the Water Park enjoying a cup of tea at the little café in the courtyard, although I was a little disgruntled that I had to share my toasted tea cake with Kura! After a walk around Broomie Pool, or rather the rest of them walked, I “hobbled” and used Kura’s push chair as a walking frame the pains in my back, bum and leg are getting worse, we arrived back at the camp site and had an evening meal before they drove back to Weston-super-Mare

Note:The following few days have been written on Tuesday 14th May, apologies for short notes, due to the pain I can’t sit down for a long time

Monday 7th May 2012
I woke up this morning at 3:45 am to go to the loo and was in excruciating pain, I could not put my leg down on the floor and despite taking some pain killers and trying to get comfortable in the lounge, we had no alternative at about 6:00 am but for Jenny to phone for an ambulance! She went over to the office to tell Jackie, because the gate needed to be opened (they are normally closed between 11:00 pm and 7:00pm) and use the public telephone, unfortunately that was out of order, so she came back to use her mobile phone, Murphy’s law while she was giving our details the phone signal went off, so she had to go back to reception to use the office phone, luckily Jenny’s phone rang whilst she was making the call and Jackie took over, however it was the ambulance service who had received enough information to have an ambulance sent. Without going in too many details a Paramedic arrived first and then an ambulance (Jackie showing them the way to our pitch) and I was soon on my way to Good Hope Hospital, still in a lot of pain, but the “gas and air” the paramedics gave me helped. I was then made comfortable with “heavy duty” painkillers taken orally and in another “orifice”, before waiting to see a doctor and after X-rays on my back and kidneys and further pain killers I was discharged with a possible diagnosis of a “muscular” problem. NOTE: I’ve left out a lot of the details of the above visit to the hospital. We then got a taxi back to the camp site arriving back mid-afternoon.

Tuesday 8th May 2012
Back to the hospital for another check-up as the pain is still very bad. We have also had to cancel our return of the motorhome to Swifts as I am unable to drive at present. Jenny also rang Enterprise to change the hire car over to her, they were very good as “officially” we should have gone in with Jenny’s documents before she drove it.

Wednesday 9th May 2012
Jenny went shopping for groceries, we didn’t expect to be here now. Swifts rang to suggest that they may now be able to have the motorhome in for repair week commencing 21st May, we must say they have been very accommodating to our needs and they have told us we can bring it in next week if we want to.

Thursday 10th May 2012
Doctors appointment this morning to get a prescription for more pain killers, strangely the hospital can only prescribe low quantities and strengths of medicines and we need to go to our own doctor for other prescriptions.

Friday 11th May 2012-Sunday 13th May 2012
Still in a great deal of pain, since Monday I have been sleeping in the lounge so I don’t disturb Jenny with my “tossing and turning”, she still wakes up and asks “are you alright? Gets me more tablets and refills my hot water bottle (It relieves some of the pain in my legs), miss that warm, soft body next to me though!

Monday 14th May 2012
Duty doctor suggests I come in to the surgery for a re-assessment, Luckily I was able to get an appointment with Doctor Cole at 12:50 pm, once again an examination of my legs and back, it appears the problem is a Sciatic nerve, which may take some time to heal, rest is the only treatment, although he is sending me to have another check shortly, in the meantime, I am starting to feel a little better so we have decided to take the motorhome up to Hull this week and stopping near Chesterfield (which is about half way) overnight to see how I feel before continuing.

Tuesday 15th May 2012
Rested most of the day, although we did go to purchase a spanner to remove the hoses on the gas cylinders, Michael came over in the evening to collect them to keep in his shed as we are not allowed to keep them in the storage unit.